Being friends with animals is linked to a number of health benefits starting from lower cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, and overall well-being. These furry animals are great for not just psychological health but physical health, too.

Anyone who works with animals will tell you it’s a rewarding activity. Yes, things can get messy sometimes but there is no greater joy to see the animal develop empathy for you.

These reasons explain why working with animals has a positive impact on our health:

  • Moving with animals increases physical activity. It promotes engagement and makes you adhere to regular physical activity. This physical exercise is free unlike the gym membership that you pay for and don’t actually use it.
  • Working with animals releases endorphins. The cuddles, comfort, and laughter you receive from animals lower stress and anxiety. A research proved that people were less stressed conducing difficult tasks when they were with a pet animal than a friend or a spouse. This explains why pet therapy is often used to help patients recover from surgery.
  • All human beings seek a sense of purpose. It is often the need to feel connected that makes us feel lonely. Working with animals means you will have lots of companions. It’s always a joy working with animals. You feel happy and less depressed.
  • People who work with pets tend to socialize with pet owners. It’s easier to meet a new person if they have a dog. Since both of you have a common interest, it will serve as an ice breaker and you will easily start a conversation.
  • Working with animals is significantly beneficial for people with ADHD. It helps them create a schedule and plan ahead. Animals need to be fed, groomed, and bathed. All these tasks need to be performed on a schedule. Interacting with animals and getting exercise can help ADHD patients become calm and build self-confidence.
  • Those who are friendly with animals enjoy a healthy heart. It keeps your cholesterol and blood pressure in check. This means the chances of heart fixture or cardiac disease in such individuals will reduce.
  • Playing or working with animals is not just beneficial for adults but kids too. Research says that children who are exposed to pets before they are 6 months old are less likely to develop allergies as they grow old. So if you have an infant and a pet dog in the house, you are actually protecting your little one from developing allergies, asthma or upper respiratory infections. Farm animals, cats, and dogs fall into this category. They help babies build a stronger immune system.
  • Animals can also help you distract from chronic pain. As you start releasing more and more endorphins, they help with relieving pain. That’s why patients tend to perform better health wise when they are visited by dogs. When you are caring for an animal, you are distracting yourself from physical pain as well as depression.

If you are a zookeeper, your job will improve your physical and mental health big time.