Caring for your dog’s wellbeing is something every dog owner desires. While your dog may seem low maintenance or quite healthy already, it is very easy for health problems to occur, and surprisingly quickly! Preventative action should always be considered. Since your dog cannot explain issues to you in great detail, it is also paramount that you keep a close eye on your dog’s habits so as to judge if there may be an issue.  Here’s a list of top tips to assist in your understanding of doggy health.

Food & Drink

You may think that you know your dog’s diet quite well, however, certain items may slip by your attention, especially if there is a scramble for a dish you have just dropped! It is important to be aware of the foods that are harmful to a dog. You may know chocolate and alcohol are dangerous but do you know that nuts and onions are also poisonous to your pet? Coffee and avocado too, so be careful around cafes!


With the increasing popularity of house plants, more people are decorating their homes with a wide variety of flora. It is often forgotten that many dogs are prone to chewing and nibbling these plants, or gobbling up fallen leaves. Quite a few house and garden plants pose a risk to a dog’s health, so be sure to check if your flower might cause problems!

Day Care

Sometimes you need doggy day care. Often it is the case when you go on holiday, you send your pet to their own hotel. Many of these day care facilities do not offer the same care that you would expect to be enjoyed at home. Factors, such as transportation, are often overlooked and, while you are paying for a certain amount of time, your dog may end up spending a large portion of that in the back of a vehicle. Make sure that your chosen doggy day care has transparency and that it provides the same level of comfort (or more!) as you would offer yourself.


No matter how well you know your dog, you simply will not be able to keep up with the keen examination of a vet. For your dog’s health, it is fundamental that you arrange regular check-ups. Although you may be deterred by the cost, catching an early diagnosis will save you more money and stress in the long term.

Keep Watch

While it is important for your dog to run free and satisfy their curiosity, it is good practice to keep watch over their activity. Roaming into a neighbor’s flower patch might seem like good fun, but unless you are aware of what chemicals they may be using to fertilise, your dog might suffer from eating dangerous substances. Since it is also in the interest of some dogs to chew and consume objects on their first encounter, be sure to check what they are eating as it may prevent an injury!