Don’t you think it is a joy to find kids playing outside nowadays? With todays technology, there is a fear that at some point children will lose that natural flair to play outside when the weather calls for it. With playing outside comes the chance for your little ones to have fun on equipment such as swings, climbing frames and namely outdoor playhouses. An outdoor playhouse offers many advantages, all benefitting your child in various ways. How can a kids outdoor playhouse be beneficial? Let me explain…

Creative thinking

A child’s mind bursts with creativity. One of the best things about being a kid is how wild your imagination can be and how it can help when playing. An outdoor playhouse, such as the ones supplied by Wicken Toys, is a great piece of playing equipment to help your little ones express their creativity by imagining it to be the likes of a castle or a spaceship! From there, their playtime can unfold into hours of fun and creative energy.


One of the most important things parents want for their children is fresh air. Getting outside into the garden to play with friends not only enables your kids to breathe clean air, but it also allows them to get some exercise. A kids outdoor playhouse is the perfect excuse to get your children outside in the sunshine and moving around to keep themselves healthy and active.


Your child’s development can be aided extremely well by an outdoor playhouse. Various kids outdoor playhouses are designed with the likes of ladders, climbing walls and nets, such as the TP Forest Cottage Wooden Playhouse. How can this help your little one’s development? The added tasks of using hands and feet to climb carefully are vital in a young child’s life. This is due to its effect on their motor skills as they grow up.

Social improvements

Every parent worries that their child will be shy when at nursery or school and will not mix in well. It’s natural. But, with items such as outdoor playhouses, it is hard for them to not mix. Playing equipment in an outdoor area helps a child to feel much more comfortable with joining in activities. The likes of an outdoor playhouse are perfect for your little one to mix in with a group of children and make friends easily.

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