My pal known as me today in tears. Her mother, that has dementia and paranoia, clicked really, “clicked” is really a useless word to explain what goes on when taking care of an seniors parent with dementia. It doesn’t start to describe the devastation it causes the caregiver.

Among the least spoken about anomalies of elder caregiving may be the rage and anger that may all of a sudden break out. This anger is completely fond of the house caregiver that has most likely been doing everything easy to make her parent feel safe, comfortable and loved. Everything was fine until something set Mother off. It may be something in the past she’s been dwelling on for a while maybe a classic incident regarding money, a lost friendship, an unfaithful husband. Whatever, the train of thought, Mother has focused on you, caregiver.

Possibly the tirade will start through the caregiven telling the house caregiver just how much they’re hated. “Are you aware just how much I personally don’t like you?” “You believe you’re really something and you’re nothing.” “I wish to go back home.” Today, it simply all steamed over and immediately Mother grew to become someone else. Her words altered, her facial expressions altered, her language grew to become a barrage of swearing words you’d never heard her use before. She grabbed your arm having a strength you didn’t think she’d. It appeared the tirade of venomous words would not stop. You’re in total shock the mouth area hanging open.

Really, it’s most likely best, the mouth area hanging open, since you cannot reason with an individual who has dementia. Why, simply because they have forfeit the ability to reason. When the individual is paranoid, too, you actually have to wait for a caregiven to exhaust anger.

Like a caregiver, I had been frequently shocked in the vehement energy forecasted during one of these simple episodes and also the only comeback which i ever used that labored was, “I really like you, too, Mother”. This straightforward statement appeared to deflate the problem.

You, dear caregiver, need to comprehend that the parent won’t don’t forget this episode.

It is now time if you need to search hard in your soul steer clear of the tears, grow a spine of steel and proceed with elegance, empathy and understanding. Just realize that almost every elder caregiver are experiencing this. Don’t internalize these hurtful words just learn and become prepared.

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