Cat insurance is different from dog insurance in many ways. Cats, in general are prone to different types of diseases that may involve specialised care. There are many different ways to go about setting up your policy. Some people prefer to stick with basic coverage that allows for preventative care and limited coverage of illnesses. When there is special breed involved, however, it is important to adjust the policy. Otherwise, your bills may exceed what the policy covers. Take some time to understand insurance for your specific breed.

Preventative Care

Cats of all breeds need preventative care. This includes an annual check-up and medications to fight fleas. Your insurance policy needs to know what type of cat you have because there may be different tests or exams to be done. They may cover these extra tests because your policy is designed just for your type of cat. Be sure to take advantage of all preventative care visits that are covered. This not only saves you money in the long-run, it also protects the insurance company.

Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cat pet insurance is something that may be necessary due to various health issues. This particular breed has issues with the eyes. Progressive retinal atrophy and general teary eyes can be issues. A progressive disease means that it is going to get worse over time, requiring extra medical care or medications. The insurance company may suggest that you take on more coverage for this possibility; otherwise, some of the expenses may not be covered. The majority of cats are prone to kidney issues. The Himalayan variety has issues with polycystic kidney disease. Your vet can help you stay alert so that you can be financial prepared.

The Vet Visit

Cats can be a little more complicated at a vet visit. They do not always like to be touched by strangers. It is a good idea to bring the cat to the facility in a carrier. This not only protects the vet and techs from bites, it also gives your cat a safe place to retreat to. You may be asked to hold your cat while the exam is completed. Some animals can even be given a sedative to take before the vet visit if they are extra anxious or difficult to hold. The vet can help you learn how to handle your cat if you call ahead of time.

Care for your special breed cat is the same as other cats in many ways. The main difference is going to be your coverage options. There are several illnesses that are specific to Himalayan cats, for example. If you are not sure about the breed of your cat, do a little research, or ask your vet. The insurance company may even be able to help you figure it out. Take care to settle on appropriate coverage amounts so that you are prepared in the event of severe illness. Also, take care to prevent illness with annual exams.