If you as a parent love scuba diving and want your kids to share the same experience as you, then you might want to ask them if they would like to take scuba diving classes.

Age Plays an Important Role

Learning scuba diving at a young age can help your kids’ understand conversation of natural resources and make them become independent. A professional scuba diving school will have different levels of diving for different age groups.

Small children under the age of 10 will be allowed to experience breathing underwater in a 6 feet pool. Many schools offer fun filled programs consisting of underwater adventures for kids to enjoy. If your kid is 10 – 14 years they can be enrolled in the Junior Open Water course. Kids aged 15 and above can choose from many diving for youth activities wherein they can dive in open waters with their diving instructors.

Instructors need to be patient with them and ensure that they understand and learn. Kids have a short attention span and can lose focus easily. Some basic tips that can help you here would be:

  • Ensure that you constantly remind the kids about the importance of hand signals and buddy procedures
  • You need to constantly remind them check their gauges and air supply
  • Make scuba diving fun for them by allowing them to be competitive
  • Praise them when they outdone their parents
  • Choose the right diving gear for kids
  • If the child is not behaving properly, ensure that you discipline them in private
  • Ensure that you ask the child to log their dives and ask about their experience

Kids sometimes might give excuses if they are scared or uncomfortable. If the child is hesitating to dive, then talk to their parents and understand the root cause of the problem.

Not All Kids are ready for Scuba Diving

Kids need to pass a medical questionnaire set by the diving school, to be successfully enrolled in the school. Some of the questions that you might want to answer as a parent before enrolling your kid to a scuba diving school include:

  • Are they comfortable underwater?
  • Can the child understand the theoretical aspect of the course?
  • Are they comfortable talking to strangers about their issues?

Bear in mind kids are easily prone to infections and this can affect their diving skills underwater.


Kids look up to instructors as role models. Instructors need to be an inspiration to the kids so that scuba diving remains a memorable experience for them.