Your kids’ clothes aren’t cheap. In some cases, they can be just as expensive as your own — you know, if you were still buying clothes to keep up withthe latest fashions. But as the mom, you’re focused on making sure your children have what they need. With thoughts of your own closet on the back burner, you’re shopping for your kids first and foremost. And almost constantly. Blink and they’ve grown an inch. Growing like weeds, your kids rarely wear a shirt or pair of pants for long before they need a newer, larger one. At the rate they’re growing, you can’t afford to keep spending as much as you do on their wardrobe. If you’re wondering how you can keep your costs low while keeping them in the latest styles, keep reading. Here are some tips to that can save any money-conscious mom some cash.

Stay away from designer clothing.

They have a whole lifetime to worry about brand names acting as status symbols. You can shield them from this commercialist anxiety for another couple of years yet. Until then, they’re still kids. They don’t need designer clothing.

Though you may wish you were Beyoncé, you aren’t the highest paid female singer in the world. So don’t try to dress your kid like Blue Ivy or the twins.If a brand would suit the runways of New York Fashion Week, then it’s not something you want to buy for your child. Stay away from the junior lines from any of the most expensive brands, like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Burberry.

You can find fashionable and affordable alternatives by looking online, where you can hunt down amazing deals from Walmart, Amazon, Nordstrom, and even Uniqlo. Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing company known for its comfortable and stylish designs, frequently puts its kids clothes on sale. At the time this article was written, its padded jacket (regularly $40) is selling for $1.90. At that price, you could afford to get them one in every color!

Buy out of season.

While it seems counterintuitive to buy shorts in the winter and gloves in the summer, it’s an effective money-saving technique. Stores put their out of season items on sale, making it cheaper to buy winter gear when it’s hot and summer clothes when it’s cold.

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to stick to this rule at certain times of the year. September, thanks to back to school fever, and December, because of the holidays, are two months that test your ability to plan ahead. If you forget to shop for these important events in your children’s lives, you could face a terrifying bill at the end of them.

Try organizing your schedule with an app that reminds you of far-off shopping tasks. But don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan. Plenty of moms just like you rely on personal cash advances to cover these unexpected surprises when things are tight. One of the advantages of using payday loans is how quickly they come through when you secure them online. Online direct lenders simplify what’s usually a complex borrowing experience by moving most of their business online, so you can apply and receive the cash you need after waiting for just one business day. Should you qualify, you won’t have to wait any time worrying how you can pay these bills.

Use your smartphone to get deals.

If you’re only using your iPhone to find the quickest route to the store, you’re using it wrong. There are money-saving fashion apps that can help you knock off a few bucks from the total of your bills. Some, like KidiZen and ThreadUp, serve as virtual consignment shops where parents can sell, buy, or trade used clothing. Others, like RetailMeNot and Ibotta, offer rebates to users who buy certain items. And apps like Flok and Retale show you where to go if you want to shop with a loyalty program or if you want to find the best deals on a must-have item.

Keeping your kids clothed is often a difficult and expensive challenge. You already have enough to worry about without adding the cost of your children’s closets into the mix. Make your life easier and wallet fuller by taking advantage of the above tips. From using your smartphone to buying out of season, there’s bound to be a tip you can use to save money.