There are a number of occasions in life when we need to make the right choices in order for the day to go off with a bang. Occasions to be celebrated can be a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a retirement and many other times that we feel should be celebrated. There is the food to choose, the drinks that you want to offer your guests and the glasses that you want to offer them. You need to use different glasses for certain drinks and wine in particular, needs to have the right glass if your guests are really to enjoy the fine wine that you have for them. Some people will drink wine out of any glass, but to really savour the aromas and flavours, you really need to offer the right glass.

There are many wine glasses to choose from and depending on the formality of the occasion, you can choose wine glasses with stems, or stemless wine glasses. When your guests comment that they don’t like the wine that you have chosen, it is generally not the fault of the wine, but the glasses that it is being drunk from. The following will give you a better idea of what you need to look for in your wine glass, so that your party and your choices of wine are discussed for a long time after the event has ended.

  • The stem should always be considered and a stemless wine glass is more suitable for the consumption of red wines. The base of the glass is held in the hand and so this allows the wine to be warmed up and this adds to the flavour and the aroma. Stemless glasses are generally used for less formal occasions like having friends around for some food and drinks, but ultimately, it is up to you and your guests what glass they choose.
  • The width of the wine glass or its bowl makes a big difference to the taste that your guests experience. The larger the bowl, the more the wine is exposed to the air and this allows the aromas to enter your nose as you drink. If you are not sure, go for a medium-sized wine glass and that way you are covering yourself in any situation.
  • If the occasion warrants sparkling wine, then the choice is quite simple. Choose a wine glass that has a tall, narrow flute as this helps to keep the bubbles in the wine for longer. The less the wine is exposed to air, the longer the bubbles will stay.

Your choice of wine glass really does matter and the subtle differences the glass makes can add to or take away from the flavour of the wine and what your guests think about it. Always take the bowl shape into consideration and match it to the type of wine that is being served. It can really be the difference between a great party and a mediocre one. Now, it’s up to you!