1. When doing something to him, simply tell him just what you do. By doing this, he can create a link between words and actions. He’ll connect what he sees using the words that you’ll say that they will again be connecting whenever you repeat exactly the same words.

2. When you are performing each one of these things, you needn’t act just like you are following certain rules and regulation. This can only put pressure both on your child and you. Get it done in comfort and allow it to flow naturally. By doing this, both you and your baby may have fun and revel in every minute of the baby’s childhood.

3. Whenever your baby starts crying non-stop, immediately see if he’s comfortable. Try giving him milk or check his diapers as they might be wet or soiled already. You may even swaddle him utilizing a warm and soft blanket to create him feel secure. You may also see if he’s experiencing gas or colic.

4. You may also make certain that no stimulation around him is irritating him like the noise, the brightness from the light or people around him. Put him immediately inside a quiet and calm room to prevent getting stimulated.

5. Motion can calm babies. When crying non-stop, attempt to cuddle him and employ a rocking chair or put him inside a baby swing to create him stop. You may even try putting him on the stroller and move it around. You may also bring him inside a vehicle and provide him a trip for some time till he stops.