Becoming a mom is wonderful; there’s nothing in the world like it. But it can also be one of the most intimidating things you ever do. You go from caring for yourself to caring for this teeny tiny human that needs your love and attention 24/7. But the right baby products help make the transition into motherhood a little easier.

Sleep & Play

Snuggle Me

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As a new mom, you’ll quickly learn sleep is the one necessity you never get enough of. With this sensory lounger, though, you and your baby should get more peaceful daytime naps and nighttime sleep. The Snuggle Me’s cradling design hugs your newborn so they feel like they’re being held or still in the comforts of their previous home, your womb. It makes your baby feel snug, secure and comfortable. It also gives you peace of mind because it keeps your little one safely and naturally lying on their back, not rolling over. The Snuggle Me is also the perfect travel sleeper for your baby—it even comes with a travel bag to make traveling, whether for a weeklong vacation or a day at grandma’s house, easier. And it’s multi-functional. Besides sleeping, it can also be used for tummy time, playtime or as a changing station. Some users even claim it’s helpful for babies with reflux.

HALO SleepSack Swaddle

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Another way to help your baby sleep better is with this adjustable swaddle wrap. It keeps your baby’s arms immobile, which keeps their natural reflexes from startling them awake. This baby product offers three swaddle choices: both arms in, one or two arms out, as well as a wearable blanket when the swaddling stage ends. And unlike traditional swaddles that can take you a few times to get right, and no matter how tight you wrap your baby they seem to Houdini right out of it, the HALO SleepSack Swaddle is an easy, Houdini-proof way to swaddle.

4moms mamaRoo

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Do you get a swing? Or a bouncer? Many first-time moms ask themselves these questions. But why choose just one—or spend money on both—when you can get a swing and bouncer infant seat combo? That’s exactly what the mamaRoo is. It offers five motions and five speed options, including bouncing up and down and swaying side to side, mimicking the motions you make when trying to comfort your baby. This infant seat can either totally recline for sleeping or sit up so your baby and see and play. Like many infant seats, this one comes with built-in sounds, but it’s unique in that it also allows you to hook up any MP3 device to play a better variety of music (and music you actually like).


Magnetic Me Clothing

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As a sleep-deprived mom, tiny snaps and buttons become your mortal enemy. Why do they even make baby clothes, especially sleepers, with those annoying things? Sometimes zippers are even a nuisance. You know what isn’t? Magnetic fasteners. Magnetic Me Clothing makes dressing and undressing your newborn for those late-night diaper changes and hourly spit up changes less stressful. Instead of your tired self fidgeting with buttons and accidentally pinching your baby’s skin with a zipper, magnetic fasteners easily come right together without any pinching or fussing. Magnetic Me makes the perfect baby clothing options for anytime wear, and the magnetic fasteners are underneath the fabric so only the soft fabric touches your baby’s soft skin.

Sock Ons

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Once your baby starts kicking their legs and feet, those tiny socks will never stay on their tiny feet. So during the day, use Socks Ons—stretchy pieces of fabric that go over socks. They ensure your baby’s feet stay warm and that their socks actually stay on without you having to re-put them on 20 times throughout the day. You can buy them from the Sock Ons website, Amazon or several retailers that sell baby clothing.


LatchPal Breastfeeding Shirt Clip

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Nursing is hard. Especially when you and your baby are both learning to nurse, you won’t have the time, patience or enough hands to undo your nursing bra, make sure the baby is latched and stays latched and holding your shirt out of the way. Plus, nursing-friendly clothes aren’t the cutest or cheapest. So if you’re going to nurse and you don’t plan on buying a whole new nursing-friendly wardrobe, then get these handy clips that will keep your shirt pulled up. A shirt clip is something small and simple, but it makes a world of difference for a task you’ll be doing every two to three hours.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

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Another thing all nursing moms have to do is get a breast pump. Most breast pumps have external tubes, cords, two dangling bottles and they tend to be loud when you pump. But the Willow pump is a hands-free wearable breast pump that fits underneath your bra. It’s a breast pump that can keep up with your busy on-the-go, at-work or stay-at-home lifestyle. Rather than being confined to a chair for 10-plus minutes, now you can go and do while pumping. You can discreetly pump while you’re out shopping or at work. You can pump at home while holding your baby or get up and get a drink. It gives you flexibility and freedom while pumping—something many moms wished they’d had.

Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker


Once your baby starts eating solids, there’s nothing wrong with buying them little containers of pureed sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas. It’s quick and convenient. But, it also adds up quickly. Another option is making your own baby food, which may sound like a time-consuming mess, but it’s quite the opposite with the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker. In 10 short minutes, you can have a batch of homemade baby food. All you have to do is buy the fruits and veggies, chop them up, throw them in the appliance and it does the rest. It automatically cooks and blends with the push of a button. This Baby Brezza product is portable, easy to clean, comes with a food guide, and perhaps best of all, ensures you know exactly what your child is eating.

Going Out Gear

Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller

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There are so many good things about this stroller that help it stand out from the dozens of others out there. For starters, it’s a reversible stroller because of its reversible handlebar that lets your kid either face you or away from you so they can look out. The handlebar is also height adjustable, so it can become the perfect height for you, dad, grandma or whoever is pushing it. Other moms also love the spacious and easy-to-reach underneath cargo, the extended sun canopy, big wheels for maneuvering through all kinds of ground and a cup holder that stretches to hold different-sized cups. The 180 Reversible Stroller is lightweight, easily folds up with one hand and has an ergonomic comfort seat that reclines. Ergobaby also gives you the option to buy a newborn insert or a car seat adapter.

Binxy Baby Grocery Cart Hammock

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The luxury of staying home all day snuggling your newborn doesn’t last, and for most moms, you’re ready to get out and interact with adults after a few months. But trying to shop with a car seat is a huge inconvenience. Car seats are heavy and take up so much space in a shopping cart. Binxy Baby’s hammock saves all moms’ shopping days. Made of a soft material that securely stretches and attaches to a shopping cart and comfortably supports your baby, now you can shop with ease (and fit all those extra items into your cart you don’t need).